The Allstar Advantage

10-35 HP

Expanded Range of Models Thoughtful New Features

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  • Easy entry through narrow doorways
  • 29 inch EXTRA NARROW width (less trim)
  • Enhanced STEEL design
  • Improved firetube configuration
  • Heavy-duty, first-class materials
  • Textured steel jacket with high temperature paint
  • Factory test-fired
  • Fully assembled
  • “Off the shelf” components resulting in lower parts cost
  • Low service costs
  • Engineered to last
  • Space-saving
  • Top plant efficiency
  • Skillfully crafted
  • REAL boiler construction
  • Created with extensive design experience
  • Equipped with reliable, premium, packaged, FORCED DRAFT burners
  • High quality – exceptional value
  • Built for quick, easy service and maintenance
  • Outstanding inspection accessibility
  • Generous furnace volume for conservative heat release
  • Large primary heating surface
  • Durable, proven 2-pass firebox arrangement
  • Ample steam space and steam release area give dry steam
  • Well insulated 2-layer refractory floor

Standard Steam Trim

  • Safety valve(s)
  • Waterglass set
  • Pressure gauge
  • Gauge cock
  • Trycocks
  • Pressure control – high limit safety (manual reset)
  • Pressure control – operating
  • Pressure control – high fire temperature control or proportional firing rate (modulating) control
  • McDonnell & Miller 157S low water cutoff and pump control
  • Water column blowdown valve
  • Manual reset, probe type auxiliary low water cutoff control
  • Drain valve
  • Stack thermometer

Standard Hot Water trim

  • Relief valve(s)
  • Pressure gauge with gauge cock
  • Water temperature indicator
  • Manual reset, probe type low water cutoff
  • Operating temperature control
  • Manual reset high limit temperature control
  • High fire temperature control or proportional firing rate (modulating) control
  • Drain valve
  • Stack thermometer

Options and Alternatives

We specialize in customizing your boiler. The Allstar can be equipped to suit a wide variety of installations and specifications. We will help direct you to the most cost-effective models and features.