In this age the buyer’s hunger for newness can bring distaste when innovation also bears flavours of the unproven or the unreliable. It is the goal of Boilersmith Ltd. to answer this vexing problem, at least from the boiler user’s point of view. Operating from a heritage of over 100 years of continuous boiler fabrication, Boilersmith offers an enormous wealth of experience to its customers. And while drawing from this track record of thousands of successful installations and hundreds of distinct proven models this company has the engineering capabilities and philosophical resolve to pursue useful innovation enhanced with a refreshing thoughtfulness.

Boilersmith Ltd. operates in a plant at 156 Main Street South known as “The Foundry” by many of Seaforth’s residents. In fact, iron castings were once made on the premises but this aspect of the business was discontinued some six decades ago. Presently the plant manufactures a variety of steel boilers and related accessories. These products are sold into the industrial, commercial, institutional and agricultural market sectors. Production is split between boilers used primarily to heat buildings and boilers used to provide steam or hot water for a manufacturing or commercial process.

The energy outputs of the boilers range from 335,000 BTU/HR. to 20 million BTU/HR. Models are available throughout this range to make use of all common fuels including oil, propane, natural gas, coal and wood waste. Because of this versatility Boilersmith Ltd. stands out as the maker of Canada’s most complete line of heating and process boilers.


Many boilers fabricated in the plant weigh in between one and fifteen tons, however, units are occasionally built with shipping weights as high as 80,000 lb.. Our largest overhead crane has a capacity of 25 Tons. This crane when combined with three others with capacities up to 20 tons facilitates the handling of the larger boilers.

The products made by Boilersmith Ltd. arrive in the marketplace through two distinct channels. There are many companies in the business of selling their own line of boilers but they do not actually own a boiler manufacturing plant. Boilersmith Ltd. has produced many boilers for such organizations and often the end user is unaware his equipment was to a great degree made in the Boilersmith Ltd. facility.

Over the past thirty years Boilersmith Ltd. has embarked on a program to increase the portion of its sales coming from boilers bearing the Boilersmith name. Bradford Smith came to the plant as manager in 1952. In 1976 his son, Charles Smith, B.A.Sc., P.Eng. joined full time, having worked many previous summers.


Boilersmith employs qualified industrial radiographers. X-raying the welded seams in the boilers, as required, verifies that welds are sound. As with all of our employees those doing this work are involved with a wide variety of other activities. Versatile top quality people are the strength of our company. The qualifications held by the Boilersmith staff include gas fitter certificates; engineering technology diplomas; and degrees in science, mechanical engineering, and mathematics.

Dan’s over 30 years expereince and Richard’s over 30 years of experience provide unparallel support for sales, service and design, both standard and custom engineered boilers.

Our plant supervisory staff undertakes machinery maintenance, building repair and renovation, and fabrication tasks in additon to overseeing production. Our work force (adminstrative, plant and supervisory) with an average expereince in excess of 16 years offers unique support and knowledge base for our customers.

Boilersmith Ltd. provides its customers with full boiler room service. Our fully equipped heavy duty service vehicles bring our customers experienced boiler mechanics, licensed pressure welders and accomplished combustion equipment technicians.

Boilersmith’s products routinely deliver Seaforth’s craftsmanship throughout North America and occasionally to lands as distant as Peru and the far east. The company successfully competes with large multinational corporations drawing on its outstanding group of people to achieve the careful innovation which helps bring the excellence in design, quality of workmanship and durability of product needed to consistently attract customers.


The boilers supplied by Boilersmith Ltd. are applied to a large number of heating and processing operations including:

  •  Schools
  • Churches
  • Feed Mills
  • Factories
  • Food Processors
  • Dairies
  • Breweries
  • Hospitals
  • Greenhouses
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Textile Plants
  • Defence Installations


Boilersmith Ltd is continually looking to the future. We usually have a couple of product tests or experiments underway. Ongoing firing equipment tests seek maximum efficiency and low emissions.

Recent highlights include the introduction of optional X-ID boiler tubing and/or optional brock turbubators to our products.

Dozens of features have also been added or improved with a particular eye towards ease of service.

Over the past three decades the buildings and grounds used by Boilersmith Ltd. have been the subject of an extensive renewal program. The factory now sits on a 13 acre park like setting. The buildings themselves, which date from the early 1900’s, have undergone extensive renovations. Through this process the heritage value of the attractive white brick structures has been kept carefully alive without detriment to the productivity required in a modern plant. The creation of display areas has given our customers a convenient forum in which to carefully examine products of their interest. These showroom facilities can double as product seminar and training rooms.

Our engineering department has for some time been equipped with computer drafting equipment. This CADD system has allowed us to produce computer generated sales literature and greatly enhances our ability to promptly respond to our customers needs. Our entire product catalogue has been revised, updated and reprinted. Special versions of this new literature are arranged for clear transmission via fax.