Industrial boilers are used for a wide array of applications requiring large amounts of steam and higher pressures.


Boilersmith boilers have been heating greenhouses across North America for more than 50 years. With new wider water wall designs and high efficiency boiler tubing, Boilersmith continues to excell in both serviceability and combustion efficiencies up to 87%.

Boilersmith can address your greenhouse heating application with proven greenhouse performance in buildings with an area of more than 10,000 square feet.

Below you will find information on our time tested premium, long life greenhouse heating boilers.

We offer packaged firetube boilers in firebox and scotch styles. Both types feature a full wetback design that results in lower maintenance costs and long life.

Models are available for all common fuels including; gas, oil, gas/oil, propane, digester gas and biomass. Low NOX and CO2 generation models are also available.

All Boilersmith Boilers offer excellent efficiency for low cost heat in both steam or hot water applications.

Our Engineering staff takes pride in designing boilers that are easy to service, using widely available, lower cost components. Boilersmith strives to avoid special motors and controls wherever possible.

The floors of our Firebox boilers virtually eliminate heat loss. The two layer floor refractory has a thick lower layer of insulating material with a cap layer of hard material.

For more information, please review our CF3 and AP3 Series Boilers.

Boilersmith’s long experience at designing and building many types of high pressure steam boilers gives us a unique perspective in selecting the best overall boiler for Dry Cleaning applications. Although we have at times made both vertical and watertube boilers, there can be no doubt that our JR2 ‘Propak’ packaged firetube boiler is your best choice.


The JR2HS ‘Propak’ boiler has:
• Largest water surface by far
• Largest steam volume by far
• Large distance water to nozzle resulting in driest steam: yielding higher production,
• Lower fuel cost, less system problems
• Best response to load swings using more stored
• 100% water cooled heating surface – no overheated fins
• Main shell (frame) not heated – not prone to scaling on shell
• Lower fire – more water above fire
• Largest mud space & cleans easier
• Best access to water space
• Easiest to clean fireside (tubes)
• Easy access to fireside
• Lowest fuel consumption
• Reasonable time to steam
• Longer life
• Simple construction – yet high performance
• Heaviest materials

For more information, please review our JR2 Propak. You may also find useful information on our BDT Blow-Off Tanks and CTP CTT CTX Boiler Feed Equipment.


The firebox boiler has a long history of being chosen for school heating applications. Throughout Ontario & across Canada, firebox boilers built in our Seaforth plant, have provided decades of excellent service heating schools.

Both the CF3 ‘Compak’ and AF3 ‘Allstar’ series are high quality, premium, long life boilers. These high value designs offer an unbeatable combination of:

  • Excellent efficiency
  • Suitability to hot water or steam service
  • Rugged, Durable, Repairable construction
  • Avoidance of costly special parts
  • Ease of service
  • Space saving configuration

For more information, please review our CF3 CompakAF3 Allstar and AF2 literature.

Whether the installation is a factory, office building, church, retirement home, apartment complex or other commercial application using hot water or steam systems, Boilersmith can supply an excellent Boiler choice for your heating or process system.

For more information, please review our CF3 Compak and AF3 Allstar literature.

Boilersmith has provided Boilers for many industrial & commercial installations such as breweries, distilleries, textile users, feedmills, rubber product makers, autoclave users, food processors, dairies, and the like.

Our rugged Firetube Boilers offer many distinct advantages not provided on competative units, including water tube and coil tube designs.

For more information, please review our Low Pressure CF3AF3 or AF2 Firetube (Firebox) Series and our High Pressure JR2WT3 or AP3 Firetube (Scotch) Series.

Other Boiler Applications:

  • Armed Forces
  • Biomass Fired
  • Public Sector Heating
  • Brand Built
  • Custom Designed
  • Digester Gas Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Digester Gas Other
  • Marine