Scotpak Series

40-250 HP

Redesigned / Larger Furnaces / Enhanced Efficiency / Better Tube Access

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  • Undesirable, throw-away, non-repairable construction is avoided (as seen on some watertubes and exotic designs)
  • Our FIRETUBE design has 100% water-cooled heat transfer surface; no hot fins to burn away
  • High efficiency is obtained without using a fourth pass; fourth pass tubes have often been subject to premature failure.
  • FIVE square feet of heating surface for each boiler horsepower
  • Time-tested design
  • Hinged front doors provide fast access to tubes without disconnection of pipes, fuel lines or electrical cables AND without disturbing firing equipment
  • Shipped completely assembled and factory test-fired
  • Ample steam space and steam release area yield dryer steam and minimize scaling of system components

Excellent Rear Access

  • Separate rear doors offer simpler, faster access
  • An extra 15-inch quick access inspection port is nested in the lower rear door
  • Split rear doors reduce refractory use and attendant maintenance costs
    Refractories are of the field-replaceable, castable variety; no special expensive blocks or bricks
  • Extra handholes are provided in a superior location in the front tube sheet below the furnace
  • Offset handhole plate studs ease insertion and removal

Unique Twin Head Design

  • Two rear tubesheets, one for each pass; uneven stress is eliminated
  • Water-cooled pass divider plate; this prevents short circuiting even if refractory needs repair
  • Twin tube sheets eliminate need for welded tube attachment (welded tubes are more difficult to replace)
  • Large 5/8″ BOLTS are used on all doors; fewer are required; opening/closing is faster; easily damaged studs are avoided
  • All fireside doors have long-life gaskets, fit for repeated use

Standard Steam Trim

  • Safety valve(s)
  • Waterglass set
  • Pressure gauge
  • Gauge cock
  • Trycocks
  • Pressure control – high limit (manual reset)
  • Pressure control – operating
  • Pressure control – high fire control (modulating as required)
  • McDonnell & Miller 157S low water cutoff and pump control c/w water column blowdown valve
  • Warrick manual reset probe type auxiliary low water cutoff c/w probe relay
  • Feed water check valve
  • Feed water shutoff valve
  • Ball type, quick opening, bottom blowoff valve (Optional quick opening valve types are available)
  • Y-pattern globe slow opening blowoff valve
  • Surface blowdown skimmer pipe, ball valve and throttling valve

Options and Alternatives

We specialize in customizing your boiler. The Scotpak can be equipped to suit a wide variety of installations and specifications. We will help direct you to the most cost-effective models and features.