Boiler Feed Tanks


Whenever possible, the water from used steam, known as condensate, should be returned to the boiler. This condensed water is not only free from corroding minerals, chemicals and oxygen, but also carries a substantial percentage of the heat necessary to convert it back into steam. Therefore, every pound of hot condensate returned to the boiler saves fuel, prolongs the life of the boiler and reduces stress from cold water make-up.

View printable literature – CTP CTX

General Tank Features

  • Heavy gauge construction
  • Ample volume
  • Extra surge capacity
  • Cleanout opening, 3 x 4 inch
  • Lifting provision
  • Sediment pocket
  • Tank and base provided
  • 1 inch drain connection
  • High temperature paint
  • Heavy feeder flange with blind bolt holes

CTX-V Vertical Bare Tank

  • Tank of 3/16 inch and 10 gauge steel
  • Integral pump base
  • 2 inch NPT return connection
  • 2 inch NPT vent connection
  • 1 1/4 inch NPT outlet connection (1 inch NPT on VN)
  • 1 inch drain connection
  • Cleanout opening, 3 x 4 inch boiler type handhole – VP & VQ Models

CTX-H Horizontal Bare Tank

  • Thicker steel on heads of large models
  • Angle iron stand
  • Full pump platform
  • Extra outlet and returns
  • Cleanout opening, 3 x 4 inch boiler type handhole
  • Flush drain

CTT-V and CTT-H Standard Trim

  • 1/2 inch water gauge set
  • Glass bulb angle thermometer
  • 1 inch NPT ball type drain valve
  • MM21 water feeder with inlet strainer

CTP-V and CTP-H Standard Package

  • Close coupled pump/motor c/w mounting bracket
  • Strainer
  • Pump inlet shut-off valve (1 inch on VN)
  • Tank to pump piping/fittings
  • Contact factory for pump specifications and motor electrics

Options and Alternatives (Available at EXTRA Cost)

  • Pump with motor
  • Steam pre-heater
  • Shell insulation & jacket
  • Boiler mounted pump, wired to boiler
  • Duplex or other multiple pump sets
  • Motor starter (may include wiring)
  • Feed water solenoid
  • Pump level switch for pump control
  • Pump set less tank
  • Remote pump set

Discharge Piping Kit (Available at EXTRA Cost)

(Generally recommended for use with CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS)

  • Pressure gauge with gauge cock
  • Discharge throttling valve

Customized Design

  • We specialize in customizing your equipment. Our condensate tanks can be configured to suit a wide variery of installations and specifications. We will help direct you to the most cost effective models and features.
  • Be sure to specify : boiler horsepower, operating pressure and desired electrics